Wardrobe Essentials for the Minimalist Man

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Minimalist wardrobes are comprised of pieces that are simple, high-quality, and – most importantly – versatile. One of the best things about a minimalist wardrobe is the fact that you don’t have to have a closet packed full of clothing to have an outfit for every occasion. Once you define your style guidelines, you should be able to mix and match almost every piece in your wardrobe to create the perfect outfit. 


Things to Consider When Shopping for Minimalist Clothing and Accessories

Minimalism doesn’t mean that you must wear only black, white, and grey – unless you want to, of course. But you should stick to a color palette with colors that look good when styled together. If you aren’t sure what kind of color palette you want to go with, you can use this tool to generate one.


Once you’ve defined your palette and style guidelines, you can start building your minimalist wardrobe with these essential items:


Classic t-shirt – Every minimalist wardrobe begins with high-quality, solid color t-shirts. And not the kind that comes five to a pack! Your t-shirts should be soft yet sturdy so you can wear them with jeans or joggers or dress them up with a blazer and slacks. Remember, it’s all about having items that are versatile.


Solid-color sneakers – Have a couple pairs of sneakers that you can wear with casual outfits, but make sure they are one solid color so you can wear them with multiple different outfits. It’s a good idea to start with at least one pair of black sneakers and one pair of white ones.


Long wool overcoat – Wool overcoats are perfect in a men’s minimalist wardrobe because they typically have clean lines and a simple design. You can throw a wool overcoat over either a casual or formal outfit and it won’t look out of place. 


Minimalist watch –A minimalist man should have a watch that compliments his outfit and shows that he appreciates the simpler things in life. It’s recommended to start your minimalist watch collection with a watch that has interchangeable leather bands, a wooden watch, and one that is silver or gold – depending on your preference.


Denim pants – Denim pants are an essential in every wardrobe, really. You can wear denim out to lunch, to parties, and you can even dress up denim pants with a nice shirt, shoes, and belt. Remember that you don’t have to stick to blue jeans. You can wear colored denim if it fits in your color palette.


Chinos – Chinos are another great option for versatile pants. They're easier to dress up than denim is, but they are just as easy to style casually. You can wear a nice pair of leather shoes or sneakers with chinos – whatever fits the occasion.


Loafers – Loafers are essential in a men’s minimalist wardrobe because they’re the perfect combination of stylish and cool. Loafers say that you care about the way you look from head to toe, and you are dressed to impress, even if you’re just heading to brunch on a Sunday morning.


These minimalist Wardrobe Essentials will get you started on your minimalist fashion journey. Once you have these items, you can start adding in jackets, sweaters, and play around with simple pieces of jewelry. Minimalist fashion doesn’t have to be drab. Get creative!

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