Guide to Men's Minimalist Fashion

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Men's Minimalist fashion is about so much more than the clothes and accessories you choose to wear. Minimalism is a lifestyle that is all about simplicity and intention. Each product that you choose to involve in your minimalist lifestyle must be carefully selected to ensure that it fits in well with your overall aesthetic. 

A minimal approach to men’s fashion involves curating a wardrobe that is filled with versatile, timeless, and high-quality pieces that you can proudly wear for any occasion. In a world where the average person only wears about 20% of the clothing they own, minimalist fashion helps cut back on wasted space, money, and environmental resources.


How to Achieve a Minimalist Wardrobe

When you think about minimalist men’s fashion, you might think of a bare-bones closet that is filled with black, white, and grey clothing. However, that could not be further from what minimalist fashion really is. 

One of the best things about men's minimalist fashion is the fact that you can decide exactly what minimalism means to you. How can you achieve a minimalist wardrobe that you love? Consider these tips:


Go through your closet and organize all your clothes into three piles:

  • Clothing you can’t live without
  • Clothing you want to get rid of or haven’t worn recently
  • Clothing you aren’t sure whether to keep or get rid of
  • Seasonal items

Put everything that you can’t live without back into your closet and then revisit the pile of clothing that you aren’t sure what to do with and the pile of seasonal clothing. Try to find similarities between these clothes and the clothes that you can’t live without – colors, patterns, styles, etc. This will give you the basis of your minimalist wardrobe.

Pay Attention to Colors, Patterns, Textures, and Shapes

Define your personal minimalist style by deciding which colors, patterns, textures, and shapes you want to wear. 

  • Take note of which colors you enjoy wearing. If you aren’t sure, you can use this tool to create a color palette that you can use as inspiration.
  • Patterns absolutely have a place in minimalist fashion, but the key is to keep it simple. If you are going to wear a piece of clothing with a pattern, make it the focal point of the outfit and keep everything else a solid color.
  • Keep textures as simple as possible. Typically, minimalist fashion doesn’t include very much texture.
  • Always consider what your silhouette will look like when you are shopping for minimalist clothing. This will help you choose shapes that look clean and simple.

Accessorize, but Don’t Over-Accessorize

Minimalism is all about the essentials. For men, the most essential minimalist accessories are a minimalist watch and leather belt. Wedding rings fit into minimalist fashion, as do simple chain necklaces and bracelets. 

Final Thoughts

This guide is meant to give you the very basics that you need to know about creating a minimalist wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors, patterns, and styles. Men's minimalist fashion is all about what works for you and your lifestyle.

Check back here soon for more great tips on men’s fashion and the minimalist lifestyle!!


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