9 Rules for Wearing Minimalist Watches

Man Holding Cigar Wearing Watch & Pink Jacket

One of the great things about men’s minimalist watches is the fact that they are extremely versatile. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain watch-wearing rules that shouldn’t be broken. Watches have been around for hundreds of years and wearing them is a delicate tradition that deserves to be honored. 

If you are a man who wears minimalist watches – or one who wants to start – here are 9 rules that you must follow:

  • Always wear your watch on your non-dominant hand
  • Wearing a watch on your dominant hands puts the watch as risk of being damaged. Also, if you are writing while wearing a watch, you will be putting pressure on the hardware, which could cause your watch to malfunction over time. 

  • No ‘bling’
  • Minimalist style is all about wearing clothing and accessories that are understated and timeless. Your watch should fit seamlessly into your outfit without attracting too much attention from the people around you. 

  • Your watch should complement your outfit
  • Again, you don’t want your watch to stand out from the rest of your outfit. Gold watches pair well with earth tones and silver watches pair well with black, blues, and grays. If you are wearing a minimalist watch with a leather band, make sure the band matches your shoe and belt.

  • Wear a watch that fits
  • You can damage a watch by wearing one that is too big for your wrist and a watch that is too small is just uncomfortable. Your watch should fit snugly on our wrist without pinching.

  • Don’t look at your watch while speaking with someone
  • It’s not polite to check the time while you’re talking to someone, period. Unless the person you’re speaking to knows that you have somewhere important to be soon, they will feel like you’re not interested in speaking with them. 

  • Don’t touch another man’s watch
  • You never know how much another man’s watch costs or what it means to him. Do not touch another man’s watch unless he invites you to.

  • Match metals and leathers
  • When wearing a minimalist watch with a leather band, make sure the leather matches the other leather elements in your outfit (shoes and belt). A watch with a metal band should match the rest of the jewelry you’re wearing and the metal accents on your outfit.

  • Wear a watch that is proportionate to your body
  • If you are a man with a thinner wrist, you should wear a watch with a smaller face – and vice versa. Your minimalist watch should look like it was made for you to wear and not like it is wearing you.

  • Switch up your watch
  • Your minimalist wardrobe should have more than one minimalist watch. This will allow you to create as many cohesive outfits as possible. You don’t need to have a watch for every outfit, but having one gold watch, one silver watch, and one watch with interchangeable leather bands isn’t a bad idea. 

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