5 Reasons to Wear a Minimalist Wooden Watch

Minimalist wooden watches are very popular nowadays. There are many different types of wooden watches – some only have faces made of wood while others have wood throughout the entire design. You might not have every thought of wearing a wooden watch because watches are typically made of metal or plastic. However, you might change your mind by the end of this article.

What are Minimalist Wooden Watches?

Wooden watches aren’t completely made of wood. They typically still have quartz movements and metal components such as metal hands, clasps, dials, and cases. Some wooden watches have a face and band that is made of wood, while others have one or the other. 

There are wooden watches that exist that have wooden movements, but they are extremely rare and expensive – they are more like pieces of art than they are accessories. 

What is There to Love about Minimalist Wooden Watches?

A minimalist wooden watch can be the perfect addition to any minimalist wardrobe. Here are 5 reasons you should consider wearing one!

  • Each watch is unique
  • Minimalist wooden watches are made of real wood so they cannot be mass produced. The grain pattern is different on every single wooden watch that has ever been made. This means no one else in the world will have a watch that is exactly like yours. 

  • Wooden watches are eco-friendly
  • Wooden watches are more eco-friendly than metal ones because they are biodegradable. It also takes fewer resources to produce watches that are made of wood than it does to produce watches that are made of metal or plastic. Of course, wooden watches still have components that are made of metal, but not as much as is normally required. 

  • They are affordable
  • Wood is a renewable resource that is relatively inexpensive. Even the most high-end wooden watches are more affordable than high-end leather, plastic, and metal watches – and usually just as beautiful. If you are looking for a minimalist watch that doesn’t break the bank, a wooden watch is the way to go. 

  • Wooden watches get better with time
  • Plastic can break, metal scratches, and leather peels and cracks. Wooden watches can take on wear and tear overtime and still look very beautiful. In fact, you might realize that you like your wooden watch even more once you’ve had it for a few years and it looks “lived in.”

  • They aren’t extremely common
  • It’s true that wooden minimalist watches are getting more popular with time, but they still aren’t as popular as watches that are made primarily of metal or plastic. You’re sure to turn some heads and hear plenty of compliments when you wear an outfit with a wooden watch. 

    Final Thoughts

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